Key Aspects Of Responsive Design That You Possibly Have Missed Out

Before beginning with designing and development of a website, a thorough research on the latest market trends and planning can always help one to create a better result. An effective designing includes quality content displayed in a layout that is user-friendly and updated with trendy designs.

The folks who want to create a website with great ease without compromising on its design and functionality can definitely go with the most popular open source platform – WordPress. This CMS will help you accomplish your business targets with utmost convenience. Whether you want to create a simple blogging site or looking forward to promote your online business, WordPress can be a viable choice.

WP allows one to conveniently add as many features as one may like to with its easy-to-install and activate plugins and helps one to lend a desirable look and feel by changing its theme. WordPress provides a default theme and an overwhelming list of themes to choose from. What’s more: It also allows users to create a theme of their own taste. If you are from a non-technical background, it is advisable to hire the Design to WordPress theme conversion services from a reputed and reliable web development company. And by reviewing its clients testimonials and portfolio, you can ensure that the selected company is well-suited for your project.

The visual appearance of a website is really very crucial for any site. Since, if your site’s design is not impressive enough to hold visitors’ interest, they will quickly abandon your site, with a great probability of without even reading the content, thus it is very essential to keep a site layout minimalistic with simple and responsive design.

Benefits of having responsive design:

With flourishing web technologies and novel Internet-enabled devices (like Smartphones, Tablets, iPad, iPod, etc.), we can carry Internet in our pockets. And, this has facilitated us to browse the web on the go, with the comfort at our fingertips.

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You might have experienced hassles while accessing websites via a small-screen Smartphone or any other Internet-enabled gadget. This is because the web page doesn’t fit the screen size and thus, require users to scroll vertically as well as horizontally, which makes it a bit tedious. This issue can be resolved by implementing responsive web designs.

Responsive web design refers to a design that helps website to automatically adapt its height and width according to the size of a user’s preferred device.

  • This dynamic designing will change the site’s appearance and adjust it to fit the screen size of the user device.
  • It will definitely allow you to target more devices and thus eventually, it will help attract potential viewers.

Impact of responsive web designs on designers?

Let’s consider different factors to observe what impact it makes.


  • Return on Investment (ROI): ROI is one of the major concern for web designers. Designing a site by implementing responsive web designs will positively help them generate greater ROI, as with this approach one can create a device-friendly website and thus, can target large number of viewers.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): It has to believe that optimizing a desktop website is quite different than optimizing a mobile website. To overcome these differences one need to put a lot of efforts and time. Hence for now, it’s more advantageous to have two separate websites for mobile and desktop.
  • Front-end and Back-end: Responsive sites don’t require special server or hosting; it’s available on the browser and features Media Queries and CSS3. Responsive designs are basically concerned with the Media Queries, that doesn’t make any such impact.
  • Not an easy task:Though, we now have HTML5 that has made everything easier, but it has to be said that responsive web designs are really hard to create.
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If we consider WordPress themes particularly, then there is a possibility that with the growing demand for responsive sites, there will be more responsive designs in the market.

It’s quite possible that Google might offer a solution by making responsive designs for both the websites (including mobile site and desktop site) search engine friendly.

Wrapping Up:

With the flourishing web trends and increasing popularity of WordPress, it is expected that we will get a great list of responsive WordPress themes in the future. We already have some examples of responsive websites and its benefits have encouraged many web designers across the globe to follow the responsive approach.

Author Signature: Samuel Dawson is the Web Developer by profession and do blogging as hobby. He is expert in converting the designs to WordPress Theme at Designs2html Ltd. He loves to write about the latest trend in the web development.

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