10 Incredible Website Designs that will take Your Breath Away

Incredibly Designed Websites that Inspire You to Enhance Your Web Designing Art

Being a successful website designer has a lot to do with the way you unleash your creative side. Of course, you can’t know each and every tricks of web designing, but it’s always good if you learn something new and unique to make the most out of your talent. Since, a design plays a very crucial role in deciding the fortunes of a business website, this makes it neccessary to design it in a way that gives your website a dynamic presence.

So, without further ado, here are some top-notch website designs that inspire you to become a successful web designer.

1. Leisure Martini (visit page)


Leisure Martini is aclean website dedicated to the world of entertainment, poetry and humour. Basic yet charming, the website has a very logically placed widgets throughout the website and contains loads of information for an enhanced user experience.

2. Warner Bros: Gravity (visit page)


This box office hit movie Gravity has an equally innovative and inspiring website. The website has everything in terms of design, usability, creativity and content, making it truly exceptional. The website lets the visitors join a unique spacewalk experience, which really makes you feel to be a part of this incredible movie.

3. Website Bakery


This is a truly exceptional and beautiful website with a rich source of content and usability. Designed especially for portfolio designers, the website inspires its visitors with its amazing textures, tones, and design patterns.

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4. Google: Super Sync Sports (visit page)


Google by making this fun website has proven to be a master of creative art. Super Syn Sports comes complete with three interactive games that users can control and access from their mobile device.

5. Web Courses Bangkok (visit page)


The official website of Web Courses Bangkok features a very distinct, clean, and intuitive design. Designed for web designing students, the website has an easy navigation throughout the website. Menus on the site help visitors to find their way to the website. It also includes a list of relevant courses on its landing page that help students to opt for the course of their choice.

6. Metta Skincare (visit page)


The website of Metta Skincare looks absolutely clean and fresh. The designer has carefully used the concept of minimalism, without being too much simple. Everything from design to content looks perfect, truly depicting the theme of nature, something that works in-tune with the company’s objectives. The exceptional use of white space and interactive navigation properties allow users to find the content of the website without any fuss.

7. The Huffington Post (visit page)


The official website of The Huffington Post is a great example of creativity and usability. Based on the responsive design, this news related website makes it easy for the users to email, tweet, read articles as well as add comment. All the information is placed inside the coloumns, which makes it easy for the users to click and view the latest news headlines. Its unique scrolling creates an excitement among the users as they wait to find out which news is coming next.

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8. Woodsly Summer 2014 Lookbook (visit page)


The website of Woodsly Summer 2014 Lookbook spotted season’s hottest trends, style and living.   Featuring a single page design, the website has a clean yet effective design to give its visitors an incredible shopping experience with eye-catching images and hot spots that link throughout the store. The beautiful design of this parallax website looks lovely as the user scrolls down the page.

9. Rdlo


Rdlo, a business based website has a very distinct and interactive home page, which makes it easy for the music lovers to find out their favorite artists and musicians. Its social media plugins also allow users to share their favorite songs and playlists among their friends. Since, it makes sharing easy, Rdlo is a beautiful website with a great potential of attracting and retaining its visitors.

10. Soyuz Coffee Roasting (visit page)


This Russian-based coffee company does a wonderful job in creating such an exceptional website. The design enhances its user experience not only by displaying its wonderful range of products, but also keep them engaged by telling its stories of milestones and benchmarks. The company through its website shares its mission and background stories that build awareness, create loyalty, and thus, ultimately generate leads.

So, which design inspires you the most? You can use any of these above mentioned designs to come up with exceptionally beautiful and incredible designs created by you. However, this is not the ultimate list; there are many more examples of some great website designs whose designers deserve applaud. You can take inspiration from their designs too and make websites that your visitors enjoy visiting regularly.

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