How to Add Donation Campaigns to Your WooCommerce Store?

Whether you work with a non-profit organization that functions on the generosity of your clients and patrons, run a community or fundraising campaign, or even collect to benefit a particular cause or project, that can take donations on your WooCommerce store quickly and easily to succeed ahead.

WooCommerce has become the most popular eCommerce platform, and many people are using this as their online store, event booking, online course, restaurant, and others. ‘WooCommerce plugin is downloaded around 30,000 times every day from WordPress’ according to Greg Touhy the Managing Director of business printers company Docutec.

The most needed function is “Donation” for charity or “tip” for the restaurant. Hence, In this article, we will discuss how to add donation campaigns to your WooCommerce Store using the Donation for WooCommerce plugin.

What is a Donation for WooCommerce?

Being a robust and powerful WooCommerce extension, Donation for WooCommerce allows you to create campaigns for fundraising instead of charging any transaction fees. Hence, creating donation-based campaigns enables you to create an extension to add donation products to your WooCommerce inventory.

Furthermore, you can customize your donation campaign with features such as recurring donation payments, progress goals, round-up donations, etc. Donation-based campaigns come integrated with a pre-set default options that can be simply configured on individual choice. It includes:

  • Amount Type – Define the payment types, i.e., predefined or custom; your form will easily be accepted.
  • Predefined Value – Set a fixed donation amount for the users for selection and payment.
  • Custom Value – Provide users an opportunity to donate any amount that is required.
  • Min & Max Quantity – Specifies the minimum and maximum quantity for the donation payments.
  • Implement Multiple Levels – Add multiple donation amount options in your form.

Displaying your donation campaign’s goal makes sense of urgency – Early donors can bring in more people, making it easy for the overall community to complete the finish line together. Hence, setting up advertising goals and targets is an initial step of any campaign strategy. The Donation for WooCommerce’s goal feature helps you track the number of donations collected for a particular campaign and gives you the capability to display such targets to your customers.

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Hence, your donation goal can be defined, measured, and displayed in several ways that include the total amount collected, percentage completed, number of donations received, number of days left, and unique donor count. Suppose you want to set up a donation campaign on your WooCommerce store. You need to follow these steps to get started.

Campaigns Settings:

The following steps are needed to configure a donation campaign on WooCommerce stores.

  1. Go to the ‘WC Donation’ tab
  2. Click on ‘Add New’
  • Give ‘Title’ to the new campaign
  • Go to Campaign Settings Menu
  • Choose any ‘Amount Type’ from stated options where
  1. The following ‘Predefined’ will show the fixed value for donation purposes.
  2. “Custom Value” will allow your customer to enter the amount as per their preferences.
  3. “Both” options can easily perform the option to choose the amount from the dropdown list or enter as per your needs but within the particular limit.

  1. The donation level will add considerable amounts to a campaign with a fixed amount of donation.
  2. Enter the amount in digits, decimal values will also be accepted, and the system will pick the donation value from here.
  3. Give the label, and it will be showcased at donation dropdown value on a checkout page. The system will not choose the donation amount or any information from here.

The following screen shows the overall details on the front-end screen.

  1. The donation can be set as a custom value where the admin can enter any amount as per the minimum and maximum value.

Note* If the admin does not define the minimum and maximum amount, the system will instantly adjust the donation amount limit from 0 to 1000.

  1. Now click on ‘Add level’ to show multiple amounts in the donation dropdown.

  1. Similarly, the added levels can be easily deleted once you’ve clicked on the trash icon at the top right of each level.

  1. After following the above steps, the multiple predefined levels will be displayed as:
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Usage of Donation for WooCommerce

Ali Hassan Sial works as a Digital Content Producer at, a leading WordPress design and development agency.

We asked him about some of the uses of donation for woocommerce:

  1. it helps you collect enormous donations from your potential customers for multiple purposes and causes such as personal fundraising, funding political campaigns, animal welfare, etc.
  2. facilitates you to execute the donation campaigns for non-profit organizations and NGOs etc.
  3. is a well-versed extension for CSR campaigns.
  4. helps an intuitive brand icon for your WooCommerce store.
  5. offers you a fast and quick way to collect donations for mosques, temples, churches, and relevant kinds of religious organizations.


Some of the features that Donation for WooCommerce offers are as follows:

  • Create multiple donation campaigns
  • Accepts custom donation amounts
  • Showcase predefined donation amount options
  • Simultaneously users can easily contribute donations to multiple campaigns.
  • Users can simply add a decimal value to their donation
  • Filter donation orders via the name of the campaign
  • Charges transaction fee via credit card on donations
  • Add multiple donations causes to a donation campaign
  • View the statistics of donation campaigns
  • Visualizes the donation amount in several styles, i.e., Radio, Label, Dropdown.
  • Adjust the position of the currency symbol
  • Metadata functionality
  • Gutenberg block supported

Compatibility & Integrations

Donation for WooCommerce offers compatibility, support, and integrations that includes the following plugins & extensions:

  • Integration with WooCommerce Subscription – Enables users to create variable subscription products with multiple attributes and product variations. It instantly changes your wholesale customers when they purchase a variable subscription or redirects it back to the default role when they cancel it.
  • Compatible with Currency Switcher for WooCommerce – Basically, Currency Switcher for WooCommerce is a widget that enables visitors to shuffle between currencies based on their preferences. Donation for WooCommerce with all its features such as round-up functionality, the donor page, and the donation from the widget is completely compatible with Currency Switcher for WooCommerce.

Getting Started

Adding donation campaigns to your WooCommerce store requires the following steps to proceed ahead.

  1. Buy the Donation for the WooCommerce plugin.
  2. Download and install the ‘Donation for WooCommerce’ extension.
  3. Configure, Activate, and Set up the ‘Donation for WooCommerce’ extension.

To know more, read the technical documentation here.

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