Top 10 Free Responsive Joomla Themes

Joomla is a 100 % free of cost open source content management system for publishing web content. It is one of the most popular content management systems used by millions of people around worldwide, its simple user interface helps to manage huge content from front end and so, starts from small website to large product related website owner loves to create website in Joomla, now a day a lot of small business website created in Joomla, it is also secure CMS as compared to WordPress.

Joomla is available free online, just confirm that your config file is installed correctly then hit on button and install the content management system for own. After the installation of Joomla as your preferred CMS your next option will be definitely “choosing the best template” for your website.

Here we are going to focus only on giving you a number of free Joomla templates which can really help you create a professional look and feel website.

Find here 10 best free Joomla themes available for your website

  1. Shape5 Vertex Framework

S5 Vertex Framework is a set of functionality that generates the main logic and design structure of a model. The goal of the S5 Vertex framework is to combine the outlines, designs, and utilities that Shape5 has built.


This is a responsive pattern for Joomla with a massive collection of customizable features. It helps a huge range of fonts throughout the Google Web Fonts system, a large amount of component variations and a load of predetermined to get you started.

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3.Afterburner 2 makes public this amazing template as ‘a research on how reorganized a Gantry Framework outline can be, at the same time as still being visually tempting and utilizable on a live website. ‘If web site speed optimization is on your priority list, this can be the best template for you! If website has very bad page load times, still the template looks good. In this template there are so many customizable drop down menus, lots of component positions, lots of predefined typography options and social media buttons that are very simple to implement.

4. JSN Boot

JSN Boot is a comparatively simple Joomla template. It has a large number of factors which you can amend really very easily in the template settings. This contains the website logo, outline, mobile edition and colors. In JSN Boot there are so many options through which you can create the format you need. The template also has 4 color types. The template is PreSEO optimized, so it helps small business to promote the website.

5. BT Arise

Arise, from is a business oriented Joomla theme with so many attractive features. There is 5 evade color ways exists so that you can choose from those options.


This is a comparatively fundamental template which has a little more corporate feel than some of the other Joomla templates in this list.

7. Mondrian Free

Mondrian is a very useful theme that contains all of the new web design technologies. It uses HTML5, CSS3, query and also latest one that is Bootstrap; all of these join to make a responsive template with extremely fast loading speeds. There is also a: ‘Fluid selection that permits creating dazzling landing pages’. This can definitely be a great help in terms of converting Geo location based potential visitors to customers, if you have a proper landing page.

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8. Leo Restro

Leo Restro from is an additional completely responsive free Joomla theme. There are three default styles to choose from. There’s also a huge range of module positions, compression options and is fully documented. There’s also some really cool social buttons and a ‘Tweets’ module included.

9. Favorite

Through this theme you can get
the standard, along with responsive layout, huge support for Google Fonts, range of component positions, and 10 color styles and logo options.

10. Shaper Helix – II

This is again Framework based theme with so many useful customized features that contains HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap, a broad range of stipulated too that will permit you to create a professional Joomla website within few minutes.

All above factors were 10 free Joomla templates that you can easily use to develop your Joomla website in an instant.

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