XS Web Design is your partner when it comes to Joomla designs and developement. We have experience in creating responsive, elegant and well-organized designs.

We have created 100+ free designs in the past and due to many requests we’ve decided to start creating premium designs for clients. We have experience in XHTML, CSS, PHP, MysQL and Javascript coding. Our young, motivated and enthusiastic team is looking forward to working with you.


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Professional Designs

Everybody knows that a good business needs a professional website design. We can help you with this. Make your visitors happy with an easy to navigate and good organized site.

Meet the Team

avatarHey guys! My name is Martin and I’ve been active with my online projects since 2007 and this was the time when I first started creating my first designs.

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  1. Mario Roy Reply


    I try to get on line your Quality Joomla template. I like it but instead of green, I’d prefer a blue look.

    I’ve changed almost design for the blue color but I dont know how can I change the green large shadow line at the bottom of the slideshow.

    Can you tell me how?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. JANINE Bergamin Reply

    I’m using the joomla template “qualify” and it’s realy easy to work with it. But i’ve got one Problem: I decided to “Hide the social” buttons. But they are still on the first page, the startside. How can I sure, that’ll be realy hide on ALL pages?
    Thanks for your answer.
    Janine Bergamin, Switzerland.

  3. Rudi Reply

    I’m using your template- stylist photography – to build my first website
    I found out how to change the backgroundcolor Of the body
    But how do change the backgroundcolor of the articles ?
    It’s to monkey buissenis for me to risk it On my own
    Greets Rudi V

  4. Chris, Germany Reply

    Hi, I started using ‘Stylish Photography’, because I like it so much. Well done guys! But I am not able to hide the social buttons (button: HIDE) and Google analytics won’t work (ID added and button: ENABLE).

    Is there something I should change?



  5. Oludare Akinbo Reply


    I am unable to remove the “Custom Slogan” text appearing under the logo as well as the Description Slide 1 etc on the foodworld template I downloaded and installed.

    Please help!

  6. mark lomax Reply

    hi i have a couple of issues using your qualify template ive turned of the social icons but it still displays please explain how to remove
    i also would like to remove the green stripe under the top banner

    also can the body be extended to fit full width instead of having the 2 boders as the side


  7. Tony Reply

    I’m using the joomla template StylishPhotography.
    I decided to “Hide the social” buttons. But they are still on the first page, the startside. How can I sure, that’ll be realy hide on ALL pages?
    How can i hide the Textarea in the Slidepictures?

    Thanks for Help

  8. marc Reply

    I’ve have downloaded your free webexperts template which is great. I just can’t figure out how to display my articles on the frontpage (featured article doesn’t work with your template (joomla version 3.4)) and I need to display three articles at the same place as in your demo site (Beginners, Upgraders and Professionals). Do I need to create a module for each article ? Which template position should I use ?

    Thanks in advance for your support.



  9. djt Reply

    hello people somone can help , i have an joomla 3.4 and i instal the foodworld temp , ask

    how can i change the font color?

  10. Jetty Eliot Reply


    How are you doing today ? This is Jetty Eliot. Am hearing impaired. i would love to know if you can handle website design for a new company and also if you do you accept credit cards ?? kindly get back to me ASAP so i can send you the job details.

    Jetty Eliot

  11. Mark Havener Reply


    I am restarting our website with your “Constructo” template. Where can I find the code to change the expanding orange highlight in the elements top1, top2 and top3? I am looking to make each one different colors (red, white and blue).


  12. Heiko Reply

    Hi, i would like to use one of your free templates for my own site – and its a professional usage … trying to find a contact form on your website because i would like to have the permission to use the template … thx for reply

  13. Btb Reply

    i use the template webexperts. I put the meta keywords in the global setting but on the internet when i used googlechrome there is an error under the name:

    Strict Standards: Non-static method JLoader::register() should not be called statically in /var/www/vhosts/brianterbraak.nl/httpdocs/libraries/loader.php on line 71

    I get an answer from Google and they told me its a script problem.
    Can you help me with that? I tried the dutch Joomla forum but there is no reaction.

  14. Bill Peifer Reply

    Experimenting with the ClassyHomes Template, but the slideshow will not advance. Am I doing something wrong or do I need to modify the code. Please help!

    Bill Peifer

  15. Michael Reply


    I want to use your pretty nice template “people”. But when I deactivate the social buttons in template config, this has no impact. Buttons permanently shown. Where is the mistake?


  16. david Reply

    dear sir
    i like your template but i am not sure what is wrong. theentire alignment goes haywire and it is all jumble up. can you please advisewhats wrong it.


  17. Viliam Chvila Reply


    I installed two templates , but does not work with any Google Analytics … Where is the issue ?


  18. Emil Reply

    Hi. Classy home is a great template. How do you get the text of “Products choose us” with the button “More Info” and “Services take a look at our products” with the button “More Info” on the Slideshow to work?

    There doesn’t seem to be enough room in the description of each slide to have that information and so how do you get the button “More Info”?


  19. Jon Mikel Reply

    Me gusta su plantilla Quality para hacer una página para mi Currículum pero no me aparece el menú estoy utilizando Joomla 3.3.6 en estos momentos
    Muchas Gracias
    Un Cordial Saludo

  20. Paolo Reply


    I installed the template free ClassyHome: is really nice and easy to use, but I have a problem with the slideshow .
    I have selected 4 pictures but when i click on arrow for next picture don’t work. Only the first photo is visible.


  21. Christi Reply

    Do you provide phone consultations for a fee? I am trying to figure out a few things for a client using one of your templates.

  22. Michael Reply


    I am looking for a solution to deactivate the “Mobile” View when browser is small or smartphone will be used. How I can deactivate the Change of Menu or modify the size when Menue is switched?

  23. Michael Lynch Reply

    I’m using your photography style template to create a school reunion website. Love the template and its ease of use and customization. I was wondering if there’s a way to turn off the slider description text. I can include the text in my display image and not have to just use images with dark backgrounds or short descriptions. I realize it’s a free template and You’re not obligated to answer this but it sure would help.

  24. Karen Bailey Reply

    Hi there, I have downloaded a couple of your free Joomla templates over the last few days and just wanted to say thanks for making these available. I am finding them really easy to use. Configuring them is a breeze and they look up to date and professional.

    I’m not yet finished my sites, but once I have will share them with you.

    Thanks again,

  25. Vicky K Reply

    Hi Robert, I’m interested in buying your site for my web design business. Would you be interested in selling? I’d love to chat.


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