Android Ventures Into the Wearables Market

The majority of us would not do, for a day, without a smartphone. The gadgets are simply superior enough, with powerful capabilities to — for instance — tell us all about the globe and connect us to our loved ones. However, we are just starting on this journey for — through mobile tech — we have the next innovation, which are wearables. These gadgets will allow you to comprehend what is going on by just a look at the screen, or through a verbal word that is designed to match the human voice.

Getting information the mobile way through Android Wear

Today, Google announces Android Wear, which is an undertaking for Android-based smartwatches — which is the starting gadget from the search giant in this line. We will now inform you about what you can do with the inclusive apps and devices, other than just checking the time of day. These include:

1. Get details and data at the required moment.

With Android Wear, you will get tips and information whenever you wish to; because the smartwatch works with Android apps. This way you will also get information from your social networking pals, chat using your SMS applications, be in touch with stores, and read the news.

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2. Speak and get answers directly.

The word to speak is just “Okay Google” and you will get the information you need immediately. Is it about a healthy tip, your flight time, or the latest sports scores? You will get all these information through audio and text.

3. Be knowledgeable about your health status.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, there are apps to use and alerts to remind you of a forgotten routine. Android Wear also gives you summarized details about health and fitness. You can also determine your speed — whether you are jogging, sprinting, or cycling — through these exciting apps.

4. Get control over other devices from the screen.

With this wearable, you will be able to send commands to your other devices — like phones. This way you can play a track on a phone that you do not have nearby. You can also hit the “play” button on the TV-set remotely, using your smartwatch.

Tap into the Developer Preview

There is now a section on our website that invites developers to use the “Developer Preview” to design any reigning notification software that can work on Android Wear-based smartwatches. This will be easy, because the system will already be compatible with apps that are available on the Android operating system. We have set up connections with — among others — LG , Motorola, and Samsung.

Our aim is to continue introducing devices that can work and connect from anywhere in the world, in order to better people’s lives. We are getting into an age where screens won’t belong only to your pocket, vehicle, and living room, but also to your wrist. When you think about the advent of the smartwatch, you begin to feel that we are heading to a whole new revolution in the tech sector, right?

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