8 Website Trends That Are Leading The Design Industry

The fast-paced world of web design has never been untouched of the fluctuating trends that keep on shaping and evolving the industry. Trends come and go, they change all the time. Some trends sank while some manage to create a strong impact. As technology evolves and the user behavior changes, you also need to look for better avenues that keep your website looking fresh and current.

It’s also important to keep yourself away from falling into the trap of old or repeating trends. The web designing industry is skyrocketing and holding on to old trends can soon bring you at the end of the rope. With this in mind, we are showcasing you a list of some leading trends that are ruling the designing industry. All the trends are sophisticated and will help your website leave a lasting impression.

1. It’s All About Responsiveness

Owing to the impressive growth of Smart Phones and mobile devices, responsive design is quickly becoming a design standard, and if you fail to comply, your business will soon die in the wine. Responsive design means having a website that gracefully adapts the specifications of the device being used to view it. The elements of responsive design fit on both desktop and mobile screens. Responsive design is great in recognizing what type of device a website is being viewed on and thus makes the overall format enjoyable and seamless to the user.

2. Design Simplicity

Simplicity here does not mean plain or dull designs, but the integration of best practices that together ensure a pleasurable experience to the users. Designers these days are striving hard to make their designs as seamless as possible.  Since, websites serve an important function to the user, it is important to accommodate and address their needs in the best possible manner. Powerful images, meaningful content, uncluttered elements, evoking icons are some of the best methods that help users enjoy a distraction free browsing experience.

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Proper design means getting rid of unnecessary clutter and honing in on an uncluttered, minimalistic design that can work well for both desktop and mobile views. Experiments with colors, fonts, and design elements are also in trend today. Tons of people tend to click here for website design services that find the best solution for their specific needs. This tailor-made approach helps them create something that stands out and also, adds a lot of value to the user experience.

3. Use of Mega Menus

Mega menus are yet another trend that is gaining popularity among the designing enthusiasts. Although, there is not assurance for how long the design will maintain its charm, but it could be said that it’s a trend that’s great for extremely large and massive publications, magazines, and news websites catering to the diverse needs of multiple audiences.

4. Custom Image Galleries

If you own a Smartphone, we can feel the pleasure you take when you “swipe” things to see images, isn’t it true?  While this feature is something one could easily see in the Smartphone, but it’s missing from the desktop, where you need to still “click” to see images. But, with the increasing usage of JavaScript and CSS have now made it easy for the designers to design customized image galleries for a delightful image viewing experience.

 5. Growing Significance of The Background Videos

Websites these days are embed more and more HTML5 based videos to soup-up the appearance of their background. HTML5 is great in providing a lot of ways to integrate video content and make them appear on the website. Many of the leading brands have already started using it to make their content look lively and engaging.

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6. Minimalism

In web design, less is more. Visitors can be quickly and easily overwhelmed, so if you are looking for a way that help you present you message in an compelling way, you can surely opt for minimalist design and create an impact on the appearance of your website. Minimalist design helps you get rid of cheesy or unreal elements from your website and allow you to have a design that can really stand out in front of your visitors.

7. Card Design

The  card design is yet another growing web design trend that takes its inspiration from the rise of Smartphones and mobile devices. The ‘card design’ creates a Pinterest style layout for your website. Twitter cards are already trending and with their growing importance, it should come as no surprise that the trend of card design is re-architecturing the web, taking it away from pages towards an experience that’s personalized by providing users access to multiple individual pieces of content.

8. Monster Images

While designers are strategically making use of bold images for creating a visual appeal, Monster images is yet another trend that has been increasingly becoming popular as a visual medium. Designers are making use of these images to boost conversions, sales, and website engagement. It’s something like more than being creative.

Wrapping Up

Web design is always evolving. We have already listed the trend which we think will create a strong impact on the web designing world. Other trends that are worth noticing are the use of micro-interactions, material design, better parallax support, CSS3 animation etc. Remember, what looks good is not enough, but what works better in more important. So, choose to follow only those trends that address the needs and requirements of your website in the manner most effective.

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