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Everybody wants to follow the hottest, newest trends in the market. Web design is no different and predicting future trends in web design is not a very difficult job since most of them can already be seen in practice. A recent increase in the use of ‘video medium’ by the business industry for both promotional and branding purposes indicate ‘video’ to be the hero of tomorrow’s web development and design.

Changes in methods of advertising:

Long gone are the days where commercials could be advertised with simple magazine advertisements. People are no longer look at the features or the persuasiveness of the product; instead they demand something that they can connect to. In the past advertising campaigns focused mainly on entertaining the public, customers just gave them a glance in passing and soon all was forgotten about the product.

Imagine the difference there would be if these commercials instead told a story and the instant connection one feels if the story relates to them and is close to their heart.

This would in turn lead to customer loyalty and they may even promote your product to friends and family. All this can easily be depicted through a video. Videos can easily be hosted through websites such as vimeo and youtube where people can easily access them.

Promotion through social networking:

Social networking forums such as Facebook, twitter, my space etc. can be a great medium for hosting your promotional videos as well. These sites are the quickest way to get the maximum number of views for your video as people spend a lot of time on these websites and if they happen to like it ,they will share and repost it, and that too absolutely free of charge!

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The key to getting people to like your video is an emotional connection; if people can relate to your content they would immediately form a connection to it and would want to buy your product. And there is no better way for developing that connection other than through a visual medium.

We should never under estimate the power of impact a visual ad has, and this is the main reason why video is being considered the future of web development.

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