Simple Tips to Accelerate The Page Load Time of Your WordPress

Patience is a virtue most of us can’t boast of. And when it comes to internet, our patience is tested even more when we have to encounter slow loading speed of a website. Web users often find it irritating to wait for a website which responds in a ragtag manner. It makes them impatient and forces them to navigate off from your website.

Being an owner of a WordPress website, it’s crucial to speed up the loading time of your website. Visitors are impressed by the website, which loads fast and thus saves their time, further lowering the bounce rate of your website.

Your users deserve a fast web experience and it’s in your hands how you would make their experience fertile. Google also considers page speed one of the major factors in taking your website at the top of the searches. As per the survey, an average user agreed that they will not return to a website if it does not load within 3-4 seconds. Thus, having a fast website is important to keep yourself ahead of the competition, as a slow website can kill your revenue and leave you stranded.

So, in this post, we are giving you some simple tips and tricks that you can use to make your WordPress site faster.

1. Choose the Best WordPress Hosting

This is perhaps the most crucial thing which one should keep in mind while dealing with the speed factor. Choosing a sub-standard or an overburdened hosting plan could left you with a situation where you’ll have to tackle with a slow website as long as you are on that particular server.

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A good hosting plan like WP Engine can be a great help as it not only ensures to speed up the loading site but also boost up the performance of your WordPress site. WordPress Hosting is yet another plan that deals with all the backend task such as managing the speed of your website so that you can focus on the core activities of your website. It not only host your site but also enhances the users experience and optimize your site in various areas like speed, security, updates and many more.

2. Get Rid of Unwanted WordPress Plugins

Unnecessary plugins may lower down the speed of your website so it’s recommended to get rid of them asap. There are two key principles that can be followed when Plugins removing process is concerned:


  • Not all plugins are important so just deactivate them if you find them no longer serving
  • Care should be given while installing plugins as some of them might give you trouble if you collect a huge stock of plugins in your website, soon you’ll realise most of them you do not actually require. Say for example, if you’ve installed WP by Yoast then you don’t need XML sitemap. So, it’s good to uninstall such plugins which serves you no longer or if they are just an alternative of the existing plugins.

3. Reduce HTTP Requests

Make sure your website does not test your visitors patience by displaying them thousands of file at a very first request and that too slowly. It’s crucial to get rid of unnecessary causes that reduce your page load time. You can make use of CSS or Java page scripts to speed up the loading time of your website. It’s a tried and tested fact that you must use few files to accelerate the process. Since, HTTP requests get doubled when duplicate scripts are presented inside the code. So, it’s important to indentify and get rid of them.

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4. Optime your Images

It’s good to use images as it explains things better for your visitors. But overburdening your website with too much of images can be obstacle and negatively impact the loading speed of your website. Browsing a website with non-optimized images is a waste of time as it suffers from low speed rate and thus end up ruining its visitors’ experience.

So, it is recommended whenever you load any image make sure you optimize it, reduce its size and then save it on the web format.

5. Keep the Design and Interface Simple

Don’t reinvent the wheel by giving unnecessary style to your website.Websites having simple design and layouts load faster as compared to those which are filled up with cheesy styling. Prefer text links over buttons. You can give simple look to your homepage by making it informative to such an extent that it conveys your purpose effectively.



The golden rule for developing any website is to make sure it is designed by keeping in mind the concept of minimalism. Just get rid of unwanted elements and take out the right tools that sow the seeds of growth of your website and help increase your page speed.

Author Info – Sarah Parker is a blogger and WordPress developer. Currently, she is employed with Designs2HTML Ltd, a PSD to WordPress conversion services company that has delivered top-grade markup conversion services since 5 years.

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