16 Must-See Digital Design web sources

Whether or not you’re a digital designer, here is a list of 20 must-see digital design resources that you’ll appreciate. Check these out, and then store it as ammunition when you’re battling Web Design, User Interface and User Experience Design briefs. Enjoy these delightful sites:

1. hefwa.com

First and foremost, the best showcase website on the Internet for interactive work. This should be the site site you check at least once a week for the rest of your life. It shows you what’s hot today in the world of digital.

2. dribbble.com

A great inspirational website with great designers who give viewers a snapshot of what they are currently working on. It’s a great resource to see works in progress of new logos and designs.

3. webcreme.com

Another great inspiration/showcase website. It’s freqently updated, and it has a nice, simple interface to scroll through. A great site to get your brain inspired before work.

4. pinterest.com

Pinterest is a super way to see and archive for reference/repin images. Also, you can follow your favorite designers as well. It’s a good way to build an online cloud inspirational mosaic of designs that might someday help you out of a sticky situation.

5. psd.tutsplus.com

PSD tuts is a part of a chain of websites that’s been around for some time now. It was one of the first websites that helps blog resources and tutorials on almost anything creative-related.

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6. abduzeedo.com

Another great inspirational website, that covers illustrations, artworks, artists, web and print design, just about everything. The creator of the site has built it up to the level of fame it has today.

7. cssremix.com

A great showcase of HTML5 and CSS websites that are featured in a showcase style of view. With the future heading toward more HTML5 coding for smart devices, this is a wonderful site to see these types of work.

8. twitter.com

Needless to say, Twitter lets you follow your inspirations, and to share your inspirations for your followers to see.

9. creattica.com

Another showcase website. Generally shows some nice but basic designs.

10. mobileawesomeness.com

A great archive of mobile-friendly websites.

11. webdesignerwall.com

Here’s a great blog for web designers as well as inspiration.

12. behance.net

Behance is truly awesome. There’s inspiration here of all creative disciplines. They also have partner websites and can specify certain creative fields such as art direction, typography, design, motion and photography.

13. flickr.com/groups/webdesign/pool

A search tag list within flicky of web design creations. Sometimes you might find a rare gem.

14. thenounproject.com

A great resource to get high quality simple vector icons, from helpful icons designers contribute free of charge. But, you need to either help these authors by attibuting them on your designs, or by contributing a small fee for you to use their icons into your design without mention.

15. psdcovers.com

PSD covers is a nice automation actions tool that can be used with Photoshop to mock up almost any design you like onto an in-situ shot for your designs. It’s free, and has a large archive of pre-setup items. Just paste, and sit back while the computer does your work for you.

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16. google.com/webfonts

Google web fonts is the place where all digital designers should be immersed in every day. It’s a gigantic online archive, full of completely free fonts that are provided by Google and it’s authors. No longer are you stuck with standard web fonts in headings. Now you have HTML5 and the future, where everything is dynamic and twice as easy to create your website masterpieces.

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