What’s encouraging small businesses to choose Responsive Web Design?

Gone are the days when visiting websites was possible just with the help of a desktop. Today, we can easily surf ample number of websites right-away using our smartphone, laptop, netbook etc.

While the year 2020 was considered as the year of responsive web design, 2021 has boosted the usage of responsive web design for building websites that can load and work flawlessly on a variety of smartphones and other hand-held devices.

Right from business blogs to the shopping portals, everything that’s been designed using the RWD(Responsive Web Design) can be easily accessed via a suite of mobile devices and tablets. Through this blog, I’ll be highlighting the reasons that have encouraged the small businesses to opt for responsive web design for building mobile-friendly websites and applications.

1. Flexibility to gather more audience

A large number of research studies have revealed that there’s been a dynamic increase in the count of customers for a website that targets smartphones and tablets.

Whether it’s about social networking, online shopping or searching Google; mobile devices have proved to be extremely beneficial for people who love to stay connected with the internet. If you’re a startup, then creating a responsive website can allow you to reach your target audience within a very short span of time. With more and more customers accessing your website via their mobile phones, you’ll be able to attain instant recognition.

2. Freedom from the worries about maintaining two separate versions of a single website

As an attempt to grab the attention of customers coming in from the desktops and mobile devices, a majority of small-scale entrepreneurs opt for designing two versions(desktop and mobile-friendly) of their corporate website. By choosing RWD(Responsive Web Design), this issue is solved as a whole because the site owner just has to maintain a single set of code and a single set of web pages.

That means, all the changes made to the website will be automatically reflected on both, the desktop as well as the mobile-compatible version of the site.

3. SEO benefits come by default

Business owners have to undergo a large number of hardships when it comes to optimizing their site for the search engines.

The inception of responsive web designs has been considered as a great sigh of relief for such entrepreneurs.

Apart from the wide array of advantages attached to responsive web designs, SEO is something that needs a special mention. A responsive website is self-equipped with SEO features that make it stand out from all the other sites that are ranking high on popular search engine results pages.

Even Google- the search engine giant recommends responsive website as the best tool for gathering customers from different parts of the world. With the site’s content being published only once, you never run the risk of getting into any sort of content duplicacy issues.

If your company is big enough, consider developing an app as well, for your business.

4. High on style and functionality

While many business professionals feel converting to a responsive website is merely done for enhancing its functionality, there are others who are well aware of the fact that with responsive web design, improved functionality is guaranteed with stylish looks.

That means, whether it’s style or functionally, every kind of website can actually benefit from a responsive design. Some sites took it a step further by combining their responsive website with a design that is conversion optimized.

responsive websites

The increased traffic witnessed after switching a traditional site to a responsive/mobile-friendly version is definitely awe-striking. It is being assumed that by the end of 2014, mobile traffic would outpace PC-based traffic and nearly 88% of consumers would be searching for a local business via their mobile device.

5. Paid ads make way for increasing conversions and earnings

Apart from adding visual and functional excellence to your website, responsive web design also has the capability of helping you grow your income by an impressive level. Switching to the mobile-friendly version of your website will allow you to get instant recognition among people who’re looking for products and services similar to the ones delivered by your company.

Paula O Gorman, the Design & Marketing Manager at Promotive, a marketing agency that specializes in logo design states that ‘80% of all companies focus on Google Ads for Pay Per Click campaigns. This shows that the completion is high and therefore having a mobile-friendly version website will increase your chances of getting clicks.

Talking about paid advertisements that are included within responsive websites, it has been found that migrating three AdSense websites to the responsive web design has resulted into a remarkable 20-30% increase in the AdSense earning of the site owner.

This visible increase in the AdSense earnings is a clear indication of the growth in the responsive website conversions.


So, these were the key reasons that drive small businesses towards responsive websites. With such an incredible count of advantages attached to responsive web designs, I’m sure you too would have made up your mind for switching to responsive/mobile-friendly version of your site.

Maria Mincey is a prolific writer, who brings to the table a quantum of knowledge around Web Development Services. She works for this website which delivers most comprehensive web applications and solutions for different verticals.

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