Avant-Garde Mobile Web Designing Techniques that You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Webmasters always crave for slick chrome websites, and they want them to be “made-for-mobiles” instead of being compelled to create separate mobile versions of the same. But that said, mobile web designs is much easier said than done. It is a long-winded exercise that does perch a lot of webmasters and development professionals in a tizzy of confusion, and the following techniques are thus put forth to lighten up the confusion cloud and help you create the mobile web designs in a much easier and innovative manner.

The New-Fangled Calendar

It has always been a nightmare to display the web based calendars on the smaller screens of mobile devices. And this forces the designers to get rid of the calendars and instead create a very minimalistic list of dates and events that do not require intricate design patterns and can be easily displayed on the smaller screens.

But, if displaying a dynamic calendar on the mobile devices is on your agenda, there is a room to get creative and get acquainted with certain techniques. You can use JavaScript here, and combine the same with carousels. When that is used, you already add a lot of buoyance to the calendar that displays just perfectly on a range of mobile devices without swinging at you any compatibility issues of any sort. These calendars also happen to be very usable.

Dynamic Content in Off-Canvas Flyouts

If you are wondering what these off-canvas flyouts are, well, they are referred to the section on the web page that kind of protrudes out of the viewport, but only till a user initiates some action by his touch. These flyouts have really become the indispensable part of the mobile web design landscape. On this date, they are the most sought after navigation patterns. More importantly, they are not just limited to the mobile devices. Rather, they also have registered their presence on the desktop websites.

The common trend is that website owners use these to keep the menus and static content bits concealed. However, if used correctly, the flyouts can facilitate displaying some amazingly versatile content throughout your website. Now, there are particular industries that are using this feature for their websites. The off-canvas flyouts are even more popular among the websites of the fashion brands as they find this feature in tune with the set of features they want for their website.

Pinch to Zoom

It’s no hidden fact that the “pinch to zoom” feature is not considered desirable when it comes to zooming in on to the text. But for pictures, it is most definitely a priceless feature that most websites use on this time and date. It is just like those maps on google, the users, while shopping on ecommerce websites like to zoom in onto the products to get a closer look of the product they are planning to buy. And the good quality of the picture further helps the cause since the pixels won’t be destroyed when the picture is zoomed by a fair degree. This feature however requires finer details and that’s what most websites are aiming for. It has definitely gone on to improve the user experience, particularly on the eCommerce websites that attract large set of very aware customers. The device’s pixel density also determines how effectively can it be used and implemented.

The Image Carousels

Granted, implementing the image carousels that are reasonably large in size is a task highly unwieldy, but there are bigger incentives in store for the webmasters. Once you are able to get this feature on the mobile platform, it gives a very native-like browsing touch.

Alphabetical Lists that are Give the Native-Feel

When there is a fairly long list of items to be displayed, you would want to make things easier for your visitors by giving them a feature to easily scroll down the items. And the alphabetical index lets you achieve exactly that. Double carousel can be again implemented to make this feature work in tandem with your device.

As we experience the influx of more and more powerful devices out there, the usage of native apps is becoming startingly similar to the experience of browsing the Internet. And, we aren’t complaining!

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