Top 5 WordPress Problems and their Solutions

If you are an avid WordPress user, you’d have definitely known the satisfaction of viewing your site as a splendid and money-making portal. Well, the entire process of designing and implementing a WordPress powered website can be painstaking if proper measures aren’t been taken in an appropriate way.

A majority of amateurs as well as professionals working on various WordPress web development projects have time and now encountered issues which have refrained them from building a perfect online portal. This blog of mine focuses on 5 such WordPress problems which have hampered the WordPress web development time. So, without further adieu, let me walk you through these WordPress issues and their possible solutions.

1. Getting obsessed by plugins

Although plugins are a great means of adding new functionality into an existing web portal, there are times when you might find yourself getting addicted to them. As a plugins fan, you might end up spending multiple hours in researching the right plugin by going through the reviews, technical details and other user comments. I would advise you to get rid of your obsession about plugins. Just make sure the plugins installed and activated for your WordPress site aren’t introducing any hindrance in the site’s overall functioning. By building your site naturally, you actually need not make any major changes to your site, thereby preventing the inculcation of any unwanted errors.

2. Reading web content related to your site

It is interesting to research other blogs or websites for reading content that’s related to your site’s goal. However, getting bogged down in this is simply not recommended. You need to stay focused and create a specific action plan as to which type of content you want to include in your website and which one you’re planning to skip.

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3. Plugin-related issues

There’s no denying of the fact that installing a lot of plugins in your WordPress site can easily slow down your site and affect its search engine optimization. Although WordPress is equipped with a set of built-in plugins, users tend to download and install more plugins which can turn to be effective add-ons for the entire website. In reality, these additional plugins pose as security threats to the site, making it function ineffectively. Hence, I recommend you to opt for plug-ins which are being offered by reputable plugin development companies. Before choosing a particular plugin(s), make sure to go through the reviews posted for the same. Also, while deactivating or deleting the old plugins, don’t forget to remove their shortcodes as well.

4. Identifying and deleting spam comments

Every website inevitably attracts several spambots, getting the owner caught up in the tiresome task of identifying and deleting the spam comments. If your website is already incapable of gathering a large volume of traffic, spamming is something that can waste your valuable time and efforts which are spent on ensuring a fully-functional and eye-soothing website. One of the most effective ways of protecting your site from spammers is setting up a user-friendly security form. In addition, you may also opt for installing a plugin that will block/delete spam comments for your blog/site. Akismet is one such brilliant anti-spam WordPress plugin that protects your site against spamming attacks.

5. Awaiting support for your theme customization issues

Today, a large majority of WordPress users ends up wasting a lot of time in waiting for theme customization support. Well, even the premium WordPress themes don’t come with a direct technical support and hence it is better to find the right support via online browsing and participating in online forum conversations. There are a number of online discussion forums where you can post your WordPress-related problem(s) and trained WordPress designers and developers will offer you best solutions for the same. Merely waiting for assistance won’t serve your purpose. Although you’ll need to seek support well before attempting any modification(s) to the site’s theme, searching the same online is perhaps the right way to proceed for the same.

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Wrapping Up

Now that was a compilation of 5 WordPress issues which delay the overall web development project execution process. I’m sure reading this blog would’ve made you familiar with the importance of time-management during WordPress web development and why exactly you need to avoid wasting your time and efforts while building a website/blog.

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