Are you dealing with the ‘this action is not allowed as per the corporate policy’ error message? Depending on your Outlook version, and the web browser you’re using, the reason you’re dealing with the issue cause can differ.

Read ahead to find out some fixes, along with all the reasons the error pops up.

Why Hyperlinks don’t open from within Microsoft Outlook?

Various problems can cause the error. Most of the time, though, it’s due to the web browser that you’re using. Outlook won’t open hyperlinks if you’ve set a third-party browser as your default browser. Fixing this is easy – you can bring Internet Explorer back.

We’ve discussed the other reasons why the issue arises, along with some fixes below.

Solution 1: Setting Internet Explorer and Outlook as Default Programs

Did you recently replace Internet Explorer with a third-party browser? Undoing this should help.

Here’s what you do:

  • Open the Control Panel
  • Click on the Default Programs
  • Tap on Set Your Default Programs and Internet Explorer and Outlook

We recommend restarting your PC afterward. The problem should be fixed now. If it isn’t, we’ve run through some other solutions.

Solution 2: Reset Your Internet Explorer Settings

At the same time, the issue could be due to your Internet Explorer settings being incorrect. You probably meddled with them and forgot to change them back.

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Fixing this can be a bit of work. We’ve divided the process into two parts.

Here’s part 1:

  • Launch the Control Panel
  • Open the Internet Options menu (or click on the gear icon on the right-hand corner on the top)
  • Go to the Advanced tab button from the Internet Properties window
  • Tap Reset
  • Click on OK to confirm

Part 2:

  • Open the Reset Internet Explorer Settings tab
  • Tap the Delete Personal Settings option
  • Hit Reset to confirm
  • Set Internet Explorer and Outlook as the default programs while at it, if you haven’t already

Solution 3: Repair Software

There are a couple of repair software that you can use. EasyFix is the best, especially if you’re using an older OS version.

All you have to do is:

  • Go to the EasyFix website
  • Find and click on the Download button on the main screen
  • Launch the software after it’s been installed
  • Click on the I Agree button on the corner of the prompt
  • Tap Next to begin the repair process

Solution 4: Update Your Operating System

Before we move on to our last fix, we recommend updating your operating system. If you’re dealing with a stubborn bug, this would help.

Make sure you have a stable internet connection first, though. Errors can pop up otherwise. Also, you will need enough space to download the new firmware file.

Here’s what you do:

  • Click on the Start button
  • Enter Windows Update or Check for Updates into the Search box
  • Click on Windows update (on the lower left corner)
  • Wait for your computer to check for any firmware that are available
  • Click on any prompt that pops-up
  • Select OK
  • Download the firmware file available
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Whatever you do, don’t disconnect mid-way. Your PC might get stuck on a boot loop. Hopefully, the outlook bug will be gone now.

Solution 5: Contact Microsoft

Did none of the above fixes work? Try contacting Microsoft. You might be dealing with a stubborn isolated glitch.

At the same time, the issue can be due to a defect. You’ll have to contact the store you bought it from. They should be able to fix it for free, depending on your warranty. Just keep in mind that you might have to hand them your computer for a couple of days. Hopefully, you’ll get it back soon.

Fixing the “this Action is Not Allowed as Per the Corporate Policy” Problem

The error pops up when you can’t open hyperlinks from Outlook. Usually, it is due to the browser that you’re using. However, it can also be due to bugs and isolated glitches. One of the most popular ways to fix the problem is by changing your web browser.

So, what did you think about everything that was discussed? We hope that you found them useful.

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