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You may have recently launched a mobile website to direct important visitors to your business at all times. However, while you play close attention to a website’s SEO with the help of an SEO firm, you must not ignore the fact that your mobile website needs to be planned for SEO as well. This helps in overall SEO development of your website both normal and mobile websites. You may be able to get access to your mobile website without absolutely any hassles; however, if your mobile website is not optimized, there is a very rare possibility that your mobile website may get importance in the search engines results page. Besides, the fact that your website must provide useful content remains the same for both types of websites. Given below is a comprehensive compilation of tips and guidelines that will ensure that your mobile website is optimized for SEO.

1.)   It is wise to remember that the pages are far more important that the mobile website’s homepage:

It goes without saying that people use mobile devices for their internet requirements rather than sticking to the more traditional desktop computers. Therefore, your SEO efforts should be directed at getting maximum visitors to visit your mobile website.

You may not realize it but directing the traffic and visitors to your website’s homepage instead of the actual valuable content can do more harm than good. It is a wrong practice to provide different information to your desktop website users and mobile users. As a rule of thumb, the content for the mediums should be precise and must deliver the right information and a standard message. Therefore, when visitors are directed to either of your website, they should not find any difference in the information and message that is being delivered.

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As a rule of thumb, mobile websites should ideally boast of a responsive web design for maximum SEO benefits. Responsive web designs certainly have an upper hand over a website that has been specifically designed for a mobile platform. Besides, there are platforms that are known for their ability to bring together bits and pieces from the different available versions of a website and combine them into a mobile website that is highly customized and adaptable. A very popular platform is Moovweb that provides these facilities.

There is a plethora of companies that rely heavily on mobile apps to attract their customers. While this can be considered as a viable option, you must realize that it must not, at any cost, replace your mobile website as a medium to communicate with your potential customers. Google does not give preference to mobile apps for a majority of the search queries and therefore, relying solely on a mobile app can cost you dearly especially as you suffer a loss in web traffic and experience a drastic drop in the number of visitors. Any website gets a maximum of search hits from visitors using a mobile device and therefore, you must mull over every single detail before making a decision. Therefore, you must consider getting help from an SEO firm to help you with every mobile SEO issue that you might face.

2.)   Selecting the appropriate mobile platform is crucial:

You may not realize it but selecting the right platform for your mobile website can make a lot of difference to your SEO. Besides, the appropriate platform results in the production of content that is SEO friendly and can be indexed by search engines like Google. It is a known fact that some of the major mobile website platforms tend to create content for the website that has been reproduced. Besides, their content is not suitable for the search results and therefore, Google does not include these web pages in its search engine results page and refrains from indexing the content that forms part of such mobile website.

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However, this does not mean that every platform is risky and might cause your website to be left out of the search engines results page. There are some platforms that you can blindly rely on, however, they must possess the following the qualities.

i.)                  The website platform that you choose to use must provide parameters for tracking purposes so that it can track down the URL of your website. Often, with the availability of 2 versions of your website, there is a high possibility that the content may get unintentionally reproduced causing your web pages to be excluded from the results page. Therefore, your platform must possess the tracking parameter to avoid this occurrence.

ii.)                You must opt for an SEO firm that enables you to make a comprehensive list of keywords and use these keywords to bring about modifications in the content of your website without any hassles.

Author Bio: Sam Thomas is an entrepreneur who has launched his start up early this year. He has contacted a professional web designing company who will develop his company website.

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