Gone are the days when you could accidentally send an email to the wrong person and not have to worry about the consequences. Now with the internet emails have become an integral part of our lives and it is important to know how to recall hotmail emails.

Importance of Recalling an Email

Whether you’ve sent an email to the wrong person or you need to make changes to an email you’ve sent being able to recall an email can be a life-saver. It can help you avoid awkward situations and embarrassing moments as well as help you maintain a professional image.

Here is a table of useful information to help you recall an email:

Action Instructions
Open Hotmail Log into your Hotmail account.
Select Sent Items Go to the Sent Items folder.
Open Email Find the email you want to recall and open it.
Recall Email Click the Recall This Message button.
Confirm Recall Click OK in the confirmation window.

How to recall hotmail email

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Defining the Hotmail Recall Feature

The Hotmail Recall Feature is the ultimate way to make sure you’re keeping your emails – and your reputation – intact. With the Recall Feature you can reach out and recall a misdirected incomplete or embarrassing message with a few clicks of the button. It’s the ultimate fail-safe in the world of email curbing gaffe-prone typos hasty emails and guaranteeing against gossip-mongering emails to name a few. Of course the Recall Feature is not a cure-all. It’s best used as a pre-emptive measure: if you think you may have sent the wrong email or the wrong attachment recall that bad boy before it causes an irreparable online kerfuffle.

Steps to Recall an Email from Hotmail

Do you have a Hotmail (Outlook) account? Have you ever sent an email that you instantly regret sending? Fear not! You can take control of your inbox and take back that accidentally sent message with some simple steps. The process is surprisingly intuitive so before long you’ll be retracting emails like a champ!

To recall a message on Hotmail simply follow these steps:

1. Log into your Hotmail account
2. Open the sent message you wish to recall
3. Click ‘Recall This Message’ at the top of the page
4. Select whether you would like to delete unread copies of the message or delete the message entirely
5. Click ‘OK’
6. If successful you’ll receive a notification window confirming the recall process

And voila! Your message is gone! Of course this only works if the message hasn’t been read yet. If the email has already been opened it’s impossible to recall it so be sure to check your messages carefully before hitting send.

So don’t let those pesky typos and missives you regret sending be the bane of your inbox–Hotmail has got you covered!

Troubleshooting Recall Issues

When it comes to trying to recall a hotmail email there can be all kinds of issues that get in the way making it a real head-scratcher. Sure some may have a certain knack for navigating the tech-savviness of hotmail but for others who may feel at a loss it can take a bit of troubleshooting.

When that dreaded embarrassing email has been sent to a contact figuring out why the recall feature doesn’t seem to be working and trying to retrieve it can be an infuriating endeavor. There may arise all sorts of irregularities that pop up leaving you wondering if you have any recourse for turning back time so to speak.

Sounds too good to be true right? Well not exactly. There are few steps you can take to try and troubleshoot recall issues — everything from checking if your email was already read to making sure you sent the recall message to the right place. Though the recall feature isn’t always 100% reliable following the tips outlined below can give it a fighting chance.


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