Apple turns the iPhone6 into a digital wallet

After winning the hearts of millions of iPhone consumers all over the world, Apple is all geared up for the launch of its iPhone 6 series. As per reports, Apple would be releasing its iPhone 6 with NFC, making it the very first Apple product to have the wireless technology. Moreover, sources familiar with the launch of iPhone 6 has also confirmed that Apple would launch the iPhone 6 with significant digital payments feature, making it the best option for people who want to store their loyalty and membership reward cards safely. Keep on reading this blog to know more about using the iPhone 6 as your trusted partner when it comes to storing all your digital stuff.

iPhone 6 likely to replace physical wallets

Storing loyalty and reward cards has always been bothering people who’re into the habit of making frequent digital transactions. If speculations are to be believed, Apple will soon be announcing a new NFC-based digital wallet that would allow users to store all their bank and credit card details, loyalty cards, reward cards etc. in a safe and secure way. This would perhaps replace the requirement of physical wallets. Since the recent years, Apple has been continuously filling a number of e-wallet patents for being able to launch its next iPhone model as an enticing digital wallet.

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NFC-based digital wallet to be tied up with iTunes

As per available reports, the global hotel group IHG International may turn to be a key partnerwith the all-new NFC-based digital wallet. Currently, iPhone users are just being offered the flexibility of storing select loyalty and membership cards from AAA, SPG and Walgreens. Apple’s Passbook application helps users in doing this. As per the current scenario, all these cards are accessible to the merchants via a bar code and not via a tap-to-pay NFC method. According to the recent Bank Innovation, the yet-to-be-released iPhone 6 would work as a NFC-based loyalty card wallet that would be further tied into iTunes. With this collaboration, Apple expects its consumers to enjoy the double benefits of both, a digital wallet as well as the exciting features of the existing iTunes service.

iBeacon- A promising wireless technology to be made available with iPhone 6

Apple has already invested a good amount of cash in yet another brilliant wireless technology called iBeacon.This innovative technology would allow the iPhone to use Bluetooth Low Energy for picking up wireless information from all the nearly sources, allowing the users to view tailored ads. Although Apple placed very little focus on the concept of iBeacons at WWDC 2014, its believed that iBeacons would play a vital role in Apple’s drive for achieving excellence in the smartphone world. And that’s not all. The incorporation of Touch ID would also play an important role in keeping users’ information secure while they’re busy undertaking wireless monetary transactions.

NFC(Near-field Communication)- What its all about?

NFC(Near-field communication) is basically a set of standards designed for smartphones to establish radio communication with each other via bringing theminto close proximity or simply touching them together. All the NFC standards are based on the existing radio-frequency identification(RFID) standards that include ISO/IEC 14443 and FeliCa. In addition to the standards set for NFC, GSMA has also worked on defining a platform that would enable the deployment of GSMA NFC Standards within a variety of mobile headsets. Some of the highly recognizable efforts of GSMA include: Single Wire Protocol, Trusted Services Manager, secure element, testing and certification.

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Apple signs agreements with popular credit card companies

Prior to the release of its iPhone 6, Apple has signed agreements with renowned credit card companies including MasterCard, Visa and American Express. The company is planning to make the iPhone 6 capable of allowing people to make payments at the retail outlets. The NFC-based payment system would turn your iPhone into a mobile wallet. The NFC chip coupled with a fingerprint recognition reader would allow consumers to pay with a single touch of a finger while shopping at different online stores. A popular technology website named re-code has reported that Apple has already reached an agreement with American Express to work on the brand new NFC payment system for its iPhone 6.

Wrapping Up

With Apple taking NFC mainstream on iPhone 6, we are likely to witness a lot of convenience for the iPhone fans who’re ever waiting for latest innovations in the iPhone smartphone series.

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