Most of you out there will already know that it does not matter how much quality content you have on the website. If it is not optimized for SEO, it may not perform better in the search results.

However, optimizing website content for SEO was considered a professional task in the old days. But thankfully that’s not the case now, all because of the recent advancements in the field of AI.

There are numerous AI-powered SEO tools available on the internet that will both help and guide people (with basic SEO knowledge) to optimize content on their own. This article will discuss how you can use those AI tools for website optimization.

How to Optimize Website Content Performance for SEO Using Artificial Intelligence

You need to utilize AI-based SEO tools to perfectly optimize websites according to search engine requirements.


Everyone knows about this SEO tool. It is an AI-powered tool that can help you optimize your website performance for SEO in many ways.

Keyword Research

Researching new keywords is necessary for SEO, as it can help you to generate new ideas about the content. Apart from this, inserting new yet high-volume keywords in the website content can greatly help in improving its online visibility.

SEMrush will help you to quickly perform keyword research about the topic. And the good thing is that it provides the option to research keywords based on country. Apart from this, the AI tool will also provide both the search volume and KD (keyword difficulty).

It also provides multiple other valuable insights such as searched keyword’s volume in different countries, CPC, search intent type, etc. To demonstrate this, check out the picture attached below.

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Seo Content Template:

SEMrush helps you to create an SEO-optimized content template against the searched keyword. You can follow this template as a skeleton. The template will contain:

A list of top competitors ranking on the searched keyword.

Some semantically related words or phrases that you should incorporate into the content.

URLs of sites from which you should try to get backlinks.

Readability score of top 10 competitor’s URLs.

Recommended content length.

To provide you with a better idea, we have searched “Water Filters” and the SEO content template we got can be seen below:

So, you should try fulfilling all the things mentioned in the template and perfectly optimize the website content for better performance.


ChatGPT is a language model that is designed on Python algorithms to generate human-like responses against the searched term. It uses generative AI to efficiently understand the given instructions and then generate a written response against it.

You can make use of ChatGPT to optimize your web content in several ways.

Title & Heading Optimization

We all know the importance of titles and headings for content optimization. These are the first things that both search engines and users interact with.

So, you can provide both the title and heading of the content to ChatGPT and ask it to perfectly optimize them for SEO. Boom…Now just wait for its response.

Proper Adjustment Of Focus Keyword In The Introduction

The inclusion of focus/primary keywords in the introduction of the content is considered an effective content optimization strategy. However, most people usually fail and end up brutally inserting the keyword in the intro.  

So, you can provide both your intro and focus keyword to ChatGPT and ask it to fix the keyword naturally. To demonstrate better, you asked it to do so, and the output we got can be seen in the attachment below:

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SurferSEO is also an AI-based tool that can help you to perfectly optimize web content for SEO in some ways.

Adjusting Keyword Density:

The key to successful content optimization lies in keyword density. Keyword density refers to how many times a certain word or phrase appears in the content.

When you paste your content into SurferSEO the tool will provide many relevant words and phrases along with their maximum usage limit. Apart from this, it also mentions how many times you have used that word/phrase.

This will help you efficiently adjust keywords in the content, reducing the overall chances of keyword stuffing.

Automated Words, Heading, & Paragraphs Recommendation:

SurferSEO scans the given content and then provides suggestions about how many words it should have to compete in the SERP. Not only this, but it also provides how many headings, paragraphs, and images the content should have.

To perfectly optimize your website content, you need to fulfill all the requirements mentioned by the tool. To demonstrate this, check the image attached below.

AI Summarizer

An AI summarizing tool can also help you optimize web content for better SEO performance in multiple ways.

Optimization Of Meta Description: 

To optimize web content, you will also have to optimize its meta description…right? For this, you need to create a description of a maximum of 160 characters without compromising on content quality. And guess what…AI summarizer will help you to do so.

It will quickly and concisely condense your given description without changing its meaning.

Eliminating Content Redundancy:

Content redundancy refers to repeating the same words and phrases or information within the same content. This can greatly damage content quality and ultimately its ranking.

So, to optimize web content for better performance, it is necessary for you to eliminate all the redundancy/fluff from it. And AI summarizer will help you to quickly do this. It will automatically eliminate both repetitive and unnecessary words/phrases, making the content clear and concise.  

Final Words

Due to the recent advancement in AI, there are many tools that will help you to optimize website content quickly and efficiently for SEO. In this article, we have tried our best to discuss the procedure with proper examples, hope you will find it helpful. 

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