Ah Outlook. The bane of many an office worker’s existence. It’s always crashing when you try to open an email or when you’re trying to get out of an email or when you’re trying to do anything really. We’ve all been there and we all know how frustrating it can be. But what causes Outlook to crash when you’re trying to open an email? Let’s take a look.

Causes of Outlook Crashes When Opening Email

There are several potential causes of Outlook crashing when you’re trying to open an email. Here’s a quick overview of the most common ones:

Cause Explanation
Corrupted Outlook Data File The Outlook data file can become corrupted leading to crashes when trying to open emails.
Outdated Software Outlook can become outdated leading to instability and crashes.
Virus or Malware A virus or malware infection can cause Outlook to crash when opening emails.


Outlook crashing when opening email

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Techniques to Troubleshoot Outlook Crashing

Hate having your Outlook email crash on you when you’re in the middle of expecting an important missive? If Outlook has been pushing your patience when it should be pushing emails it’s time to troubleshoot! Here are a few simple easy-to-follow strategies to help you get your Outlook back on its feet and functioning smoothly:

1. Reduce the size of Outlook data files. If your Outlook folders have become too large (bulging with emails contacts and other data) you might need to reduce the size of Outlook data files by archiving old emails and deleting unnecessary items.

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2. Update your computer and Outlook software. Make sure your computer Outlook and all the programs you use are updated regularly. An update could contain a fix that may resolve Outlook crashing issues.

3. Perform a PST data file repair. If your Outlook data file has been corrupted you can try a repair to restore function.

4. Disable Outlook add-ins. Outlook add-ins might be the culprit behind Outlook crashing. Uninstall any add-ins you don’t use or disable them.

5. Uninstall the most recent updates. If anything has recently been updated try uninstalling the most recent Windows and Outlook updates if Outlook crashing just started.

If your Outlook is still crashing this could be indicative of some deeper hardware or operating system issue. In this case you may want to enlist the help of an IT service provider.

Hopefully these techniques help you get your Outlook back in order and sending emails in no time!

Resolving Common Outlook Issues

Ah Outlook; that eternal nuisance that never fails to keep us on our toes. If you’ve been a victim of Outlook crashing when opening emails you’re not alone. This pesky problem can be a real pain in the neck and have an untold amount of causes. Fortunately we can troubleshoot these issues and get your Outlook rocking (as much as it can at least). Read on to discover some of the common Outlook issues that could cause your app to crash. Bells and whistles let’s jump into the fray.

Preventing Outlook from Crashing in the Future

Good news: there’s a way to make sure your Outlook outlook—pun intended—stays in tip-top shape so you can continue to use it for your emailing needs stat.

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The first step to preventing Outlook from crashing when you open emails is to check for updates. Software makers are always making upgrades fixes and patches to make sure their programs are running smoothly. So make it part of your regular routine to check for updates and install them as they become available. This can help prevent glitches and bugs.

The next step is to clear out your inbox. We know it’s kind of overwhelming but it can really help reduce the amount of load on your Outlook email client. Go through your inbox and delete or archive emails that you no longer need. Also delete any emails or files that you don’t recognize or don’t need—they may contain malware or viruses that can slow down your computer or cause your Outlook to crash.

Additionally use the ‘compact’ feature in Outlook which compresses large email messages reducing loading time and improved stability.

Finally check your computer’s registry with a registry cleaner if you have had Outlook crashing issues frequently (if you’re not sure what that is it’s best to consult a computer expert and get some professional help!). A registry cleaner is an important piece of software that can help to keep the windows registry clean healthy and running optimally so your computer can continue to run smoothly.

Following these few simple steps can help you keep your Outlook email program running for years to come. Who knows maybe you can even convince your boss to spring for a new one now and then (not that we’re advocating for any corporate subterfuge but it’s worth a try!).


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