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WebExperts is a clean template for the new Joomla 3.4 version, but the template also works for all previous versions (even Joomla 2.5). The main color is red and there are many custom functions. Hit the social buttons on the left, if you like this template.

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  1. ton van steenoven Reply

    I’ve disabled the social buttons in the template setup but they are still visible in the site. How to handle this?

  2. Farly Reply

    Hi! I recently downloaded this template, but because I’m still beginner at website building, I’m a little bit confused on how to work with this template since it doesn’t come out with a documentation. I think it would be really helpful if i can get on any document regarding how to further customize the template, such as adding classes to the main menu, since my main menu didn’t seem right.

  3. Matt Henrdickson Reply

    I am having trouble with the image slider up top. It goes through the images, fine, but the problem is, if you are on a widescreen monitor, it looks horrible. The images stretch all the way across the screen instead of staying within the forward and backward buttons. How do I fix this?

  4. Dens Reply

    Hello, I am using the WebExperts template. I would like to know how to add information with an image to “Top 1, Top 2, Top 3” positions just like it is in your life demo

  5. johannes billing Reply

    Dears sirs
    I use yout template for our center but on some pages the content doesnt show up. Instead of that there is a little scrollfield. HAs that something to do with yout template??
    If you can help me that would be very kind .Its not online it just happens on my homeserbver

  6. hans billing Reply

    Everytime i klick a link placed on a website thoe diashow and two other moduls show up like on the startinng page. I choose only startpage to have those features. What can i change. If i push s link on the menu no such thing happens. PLease help me

  7. ALAM Reply

    I have installed and using your templates construco and webexpert but it doesn’t allow finger punch zooming on iphon and other mobile device. can you please explain me more about this problem ?

  8. Maik Gruhlke Reply


    In this template on the mobile menu it is not possible to open a menu text link on the smartphone view, if there is a sub menu on it.

    How can I fix it?

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