Jetpack 3.1 is Out: What’s in Store For You

If a powerful, highly customizable and feature-rich website is on your agenda, then Jetpack is a beast for you! There are very few WordPress webmasters out there who haven’t used Jetpack at some point in time, and there are fewer who haven’t heard of it. But, that’s not what we are talking about here.

Jetpack launched its latest version, Jetpack 3.1, just a little while back, and it does packs a powerful punch! There are a host of new-fangled features it adds to the Jetpack repository and for the folks keen on using this plugin, the changes and additions are more than welcome.

New Custom Post Type Capability

Custom post types have gained in popularity ever since WordPress introduced them. For the fact that they give webmasters a wherewithal to create posts that can be used for stuff like displaying event dates and updating them periodically. Creating a static page for them is obviously not the right approach. However, there is still a complex set up to how you facilitate custom post types in WordPress.

Jetpack 3.1 is aimed at making this exercise a breeze. The latest Jetpack version can be used to enable the feature with just a few clicks. It makes sure that the increasing number of themes now support this feature – something that was a rarity with the default WordPress features.

Better Controls for the Admins

The admins of the WordPress site with rights to accessing and modifying the Jetpack settings are more capacitated to make advanced changes in the website’s control panel, and with a lot of simplicity. There is a feature description box that can be leveraged to configure all the settings without going in for a sweat soaked exercise. Whether you wish to activate / deactivate features or change their configurations, same can be done without any fuss. The much improved RTL support will also lend a lucid view.

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A More Jazzed up Logo

Now, this may not really have any impact on a website’s fortune, but it feels good when the service provider you are partnering with has a presentable logo. The previous logo was most definitely classy, but the new one is few notches higher, and looks good in the site’s Dashboard.

What’s There for the Developers

Be rest assured, Jetpack 3.1 brings along all sorts of goodies for the developers – be them the theme developers or the the plugin developers.

There are a whole lot of WordPress professionals who are constantly looking to tweak their WordPress themes with the latest and the most personalized features. How Jetpack makes a difference is that it remarkably reducing the need to write long winded codes for the same. It comes blazing with such an exceptional set of features with either a few clicks, or by extremely short lines of code in the functions.php files. And among those features, the most talked about is the ability to add responsive videos to a responsive theme. Now, this is a facet that has often been ignored while developing the themes, but is crucial nevertheless.

And the line of code we were talking about looks like this:

<?php add_theme_support( ‘jetpack-responsive-videos’ ); ?>

Once you add this code, you don’t need to go for any sort of additional markups, and the videos on the site will be made responsive in a manner most seamless. This implies that whenever the videos on your site are being accessed from mobile devices, they will be completely compatible with the mobile platform and display in a manner most perfect.

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For the plugin developers, Jetpack comes with more pleasant surprises. It makes available to the developers the JSON API endpoints, which provide you a great way for you to manage your plugins and themes in a manner most effective and glitch free.

More User Friendly

the new update has gone a great distance to make sure that website admins find it easy to manage the different operations on your site through the plugin.

There have been numerous bug fixes and only by deploying a code here, or a minor tweak there, you can make your website even more powerful and customizable. So, what are you waiting for? Update Jetpack on your website right away.

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