Are you tired of switching between Outlook and other email clients? Do you want to make the transition to Outlook easier? Well you’re in luck! In this blog post we’ll explore the wonders of importing PST into Outlook.

Benefits of Importing PST into Outlook

Importing PST into Outlook is a great way to make the switch from other email clients much simpler. With the PST import feature you can easily transfer all your emails contacts and calendar entries from other programs into Outlook. This makes it much easier to keep track of your emails and contacts and even allows you to sync your calendar with other programs. Plus you can easily search through all your emails and contacts in Outlook which makes organizing and managing your emails much more efficient.

Benefit Description
Transfer emails contacts and calendar entries Easily move emails contacts and calendar entries from other programs into Outlook.
Sync calendar Sync your calendar with other programs.
Efficient search Easily search through all your emails and contacts in Outlook.

Import pst into outlook

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How to Create a New PST File

Keen to get your PST files started? What are you waiting for? This guide will show you how to create a brand new PST file right in Outlook! What’s even better is that with a few easy steps it’ll be done before you can even say ‘Personal Storage Table’.

Creating a fresh PST file is pretty straightforward but it’s all hyphens and jargon if you don’t know the ins and outs of PST-editing. Fear not – this step-by-step guide will have you PST savvy in no time!

Let’s dive right in!

How to Import the PST to Outlook

Ah the ever-elusive PST – that trusty personal storage file that’s been your go-to tool for saving emails contacts and calendar items for years. It’s the file format that has followed you from Outlook 2003 (or even earlier!) to Outlook 2017 and now even Outlook 2019. As an ol’ faithful friend you may have grown curious about how you can import those classic PSTs into the new-fangled shows that Microsoft has put out – gasp! – of late.

Well before you go feeling like you need to throw a bonfire of ancient floppy disks let alone on-prem Exchange mailboxes let me assure you – importing PSTs into Outlook is actually quite easy! Just follow these well-heeled steps and you (and your trusty emails) will be safe in their new-to-you home in no time:

1. First you’ll want to make sure your new version of Outlook is properly installed and open.
2. Then navigate to the File tab click Open & Export and select Import/Export.
3. When the Import and Export Wizard appears select the Import from another program or file option then click Next.
4. On the Outlook Data File screen select the Personal Folder File (.pst) option and click Next.
5. Now you’ll select the folder on your computer in which the PST file is located then click on the file itself and press Next.
6. Finally choose what you’d like to do with duplicate items (ie delete them or keep both/all) and click Finish.

And there it is! Your trusty PST files have been successfully imported into your new Outlook safe and sound. So never fear – it’s easy to revive the emails of yore no matter how antiquated they may be.

Recommended Alternative to Import PST

For those of you feeling exasperated after finding out the brute force route of manually entering each field and dragging ‘n dropping attachment(s) into Outlook just isn’t the way you’d like to get your emails into their respective folders we get it. It’s time-consuming and arduous. Instead we’ve got a much zippier option that’s going to get you organized proper-like lickety-split.

For thems lookin’ fer a practically pogo-stick pace and an assured way to get the job done we recommend a much easier alternative to get those files merged in no-time: PST Merge. It’s a nifty application that acts as the proverbial silver bullet to granting you easy access to your emails and it’s certified 100% hands-free. Fear not it’s a mystery no more!

Whether you’re importin’ a PST file gifted by a colleague or stored on a flash drive you’ve got a one-stop-shop to get what you need. PST Merge basically does the heavy-lifting for you. All ya gotta do is choose: it’s just as simple as pie.

No need to worry about data integrity either – PST Merge doesn’t change the original files. Boom. That’s it! Go ahead and report to the big-wigs you can check that task off the list!


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