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ClassyHome is the best joomla 3 template created by to date. We have put the effort to create a complete joomla template with the most built in functions including: slideshow with headline and text, go to top module, social link and much much more.

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  1. Marcelo Leal Reply

    Template beautiful, but gives error when displaying articles. Indicates error on line 1 articles.php.

    I hope you can correct, because the template is worth.

  2. Hadriel Reply

    I have a problem with this template. It does not work to me slideshow. Maybe someone knows why?

  3. Emanuel Reply

    we liked this template at the first moment!

    The only one issue we have is carousel of main images which is not working from some point we dont understand yet. Also the size of logo is not defined.

    Anyway great job!

  4. Ahmad Reply

    Hi, Im Ahmad, im interested with the ClassyHome templet. Can I download it for my library CSR project?


  5. fienso Reply

    i use this template. Anyway, slides show doesn’t work. Just first picture appears in slideshow. I already have specify 4 picyure in template option. any suggestion? tq. fienso

  6. marco Reply

    hi, i have some problems with your template ClassyHome, can you help me by mail???

  7. Gianluca Reply

    Hello, I am trying to use this ClassyHome template for Joomla 3.3.6, but the slideshow doesn’t work. It shows only one static image(slide 1).
    Please help me!

  8. Simone Reply

    Template very good , but there is a problem of layout when I go to the other page.

  9. Bill Peifer Reply

    I downloaded and installed the ClassyHome template to experiment with it and love the look and feel, both of the front end and the template manager. But for some reason the slideshow will not change off of the Slider Image 1 even though I’ve uploaded and designated all four of the supplied placeholder images. Did I miss something during the install?

  10. Peter Reply

    I have a problem with the template positions top1 and top2. I can only use one at a time. When i use them both, none is visible? Can someone please help me here

  11. pongpan Reply

    hello. i’m pongpan. i’m IT Support ing Siriraj Hospital. i want this templete full version. Edit templete. Have a module. I can full control website. please tell me. How to order and price.

    thank you.

  12. Marcos Reply

    It is outdated. Slideshow not working on the latest version of Joomla.

    Está desatualizado. SlideShow nao funciona na versao mais recente de Joomla.

  13. Dusty Reins Reply

    I would like to use this template but I am unable to assign new header photos to the slideshow. The page to insert a photo does not work when using either the Insert or Cancel buttons. Totally non-responsive and the template config screen will not allow me to paste the photo location into a slide position. – Sorry

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