How To Delete PS4 Keyboard History

The best way to browse the web with PlayStation 4 is to use PlayStation’s native browser. It is not really a browser, but more like a web player that allows you to go on any website.

The browser has very limited in-browser searching, and does not allow you to login to any account with it, but it does work best with most streaming services.

Why Would You Want To Delete the Keyboard History?

Maybe you searched for something inappropriate and you don’t want your parents or your partner to see it? Maybe it is something embarrassing or some other health related issue like this here?

There are many reasons why you would want to delete the keyboard history. I will show you how to delete it below.

Sony PlayStation 4 Search History

Sony PlayStation 4 has been found recording the browsing history of users, despite the fact that the option was down in the settings menu.

After users discovered this, they started a campaign urging users to revoke their privacy rights and give Sony permission to store their browsing history.

Sony has finally responded to this issue by saying that they have no intentions of using user browsing history, but they will continue to record it.

We can conclude that Sony can send this information to law enforcement officers if they need it and that they can potentially use the information to target advertisements.

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How To Delete PS4 Keyboard History?

To clear all of the words you’ve entered into the learning dictionary, which stores the terms that you input on your PlayStation 4 system, go Settings > Initialization > Clear Learning Dictionary.

This will wipe out all the information that was stored and you will no longer see the words that you’ve entered previously.

How To Delete Frequently Used Pages on PS4?

Actually, you can’t delete any frequently used page on PlayStation 4. Even though you can save up some memory by deleting the apps, you can’t delete the frequently used pages.

Whenever you run an app on your PlayStation 4, it will automatically add it to the frequently used page no matter whether it is a game or an app.

To delete an app, you have to

  • go to your home screen and just press the “Options” button.
  • Then select the “Manage Applications” and then select “Manage Storage”.
  • Then you will be able to see a list of all the applications installed on your PlayStation 4.

How Do you Delete PS4 Controller History?

It is possible to delete PS4 controller history, but you will need your PS4 login information. The history of the PS4 controller is stored in the form of cookies from a browser, so you will have to change your browser settings.
The data is stored in a browser called Chrome. Here are the steps to delete the controller history: Settings > Initialization > Clear Learning Dictionary.


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