Can a Web Developer Work from Home?

Are you thinking of becoming a web developer? The industry is lucrative and expanding and there is a great demand for professionals in the field. However, would you be able to build websites from the comfort of your home?

This article provides you with a detailed answer, and much more. Let’s get to it.

Can a Web Developer Work from Their Home?

Yes, a web developer can work from home. All you need would be a computer and an internet connection. Although you can work from home, whether you will be able to depends on if you are a freelancer or are contracted to a company.

If you are a freelancer, you are your own boss. You can work wherever and whenever you want. On the flip side, you may be a part of a company that does not provide telecommuting. Expect to go to office every day.

Luckily, more and more companies have realized that it is more feasible if they let developers telecommute. Just remember that even if a company lets you work remotely, they will still need you to drop by occasionally. You will have to discuss project details.

How Do I Get Online Work as a Web Developer?

Many web developers freelance. But attracting clients requires a bit of work.

If you’re interested, the below points will help:

Have an Online Presence

Create social media accounts for your work. Regularly post, maintain a robust online presence, and engage with others in your industry.

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Use Freelance Websites

Freelance websites are your best friend. There will be a large pool of clients that you can reach out to.

As you can imagine, your portfolio will affect how successful you will be. Perfect it.

Create & Advertise Your Website

Create a website for your services and advertise it. You will gain traffic, and customers. Your website’s design will also show potential clients your skills.

Reach Out to Non-Profit Companies

Offering your services to non-profit organizations would be a good idea. They might refer you to others. This networking can build a client base.

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What Do You Need to Web Develop from Home?

Building websites from home can certainly be done. However, you will need a couple of things first.

They will make your job easier:

A Good Computer

You will need a good computer. Running the software to write your code would be difficult otherwise. If you were working from an office, you will be provided with a desktop.

Decide whether you will build or buy your own.

Special Software

Project management tools are important. You’ll be able to stay on top of tasks. Just remember that most management tools are not free.

Comfortable Set-up

Get a comfortable chair and desk. You’ll be spending hours behind your computer. Future you will be thankful.

Make sure the room you are working in has ample lighting. Your eyes will strain being behind the computer otherwise.

Fast Internet

Fast internet is crucial to get your work done and communicate with clients/ your team.

What Are the Pros of Working as a Remote Web Developer?

Telecommuting instead of going to office comes with many pros that any web developer would appreciate.

They include:

Easy Schedule

Usually, there will be leniency when it comes to clocking in and out. But this can differ depending on company.

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Increase Productivity

Building a website is time consuming. Working from home would be a better alternative to being at the office, as you’ll be able to find a quiet room to work in.

Most telecommuters take less break days when they are sick. And they don’t mind working extra hours, as they can relax from the comfort of their home (read the below section as this is also a con).

Of course, you won’t have to spend time commuting. You can spend this added time on projects.

Balance Home and Work Life

As building websites take time, you will probably spend all night at the office if you are not working from home. Balancing work and your social life would be hard.

This won’t be the case if you were telecommuting and you’ll be around your family.

What Are the Cons of Working as a Remote Web Developer?

Of course, there are a couple of cons.

Lack of Discipline

It would be easy to get too comfortable and not complete your tasks. To be successful, you will have to have discipline. Making a schedule and cutting out distractions will help. Find a secluded place in your house to work too.

Deal With Burnout

You may be tempted to work extra hours as you’re at home. But this is a recipe for disaster. You will burn yourself out. Set boundaries so that this doesn’t happen.  Motivation and the end-quality will drop otherwise.

Feelings of Isolation

Telecommuting has its pros, but you can quickly feel isolated. You would not be with your coworkers, who may all be working together.

You might be dropping by occasionally, to discuss project details. However, this won’t be enough. You might still feel isolated.

Working From Home as a Web Developer

Working from home would be possible. Whether you will be able to depends. You may be a part of company that is not a fond of telecommuting; you will have to show up to office every day. Of course, working from home as a freelancer would be easy.

Several freelance web developers have a roster of clients. This could be you too, if you put in the effort.  Create a strong portfolio to attract customers and create a social media account to network with others in your industry.

If you are lucky and a part of a company that will let you telecommute, you will still have to show up to the office once in a while. This is normal, to discuss projects and important details.

Hopefully, you found these tips useful and can make use of them.


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