Free Joomla 3.4.4 Template

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This is a free joomla template that works with all new joomla versions. It has a nice light blue design and built in module positions and functions. You can access these functions in the template options. The template has been tested on multiple browsers and devices. If you like this free template, please hit the like button on the left.

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  1. Daniel Reply

    I like this template however I have one question
    How can I show/hide social buttons?
    When I click hide or show, it’s always shows social buttons.

  2. SD Reply


    I have installed the template but am getting duplicated text in every article – have turned off globally the intro test so it is not that


  3. Nico Reply

    Just tryed this template.
    Used and installed the newest Joomla.
    I have a problem when klicking on a article its shows the whole tekst two times.

    Can’t find the fix

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